Day 29: A story within a house where language cannot be spoken.

Submerged beneath the winding rivers of Kansan, lie Karnione. 

Home to the naga and loyal to House Nahi, Karnione was known for its underwater labyrinthine vaults and chambers of heavy pressure. It welcomed no man and stories said that anyone who wished to cross the waters of Kansan not only needed to navigate its tempestuous currents but needed to be wary of its feral inhabitants, for the naga were not known for their mercy, especially to humans.

Only two members of House Nahi were known to have human forms. Karam and Karon were the twin offspring of King Kaspar and Lady Iliya, and they were ruthless.

Karam floated on the deceptively still waters of River Kansan in his naga form, face to the sky. His eyes were closed. 

Nearby, lounging on the shores of a large stone house that marked the inland boundary of House Nahi, Karon idly flicked seashells onto the river. 

It was only up here that they could have some peace.

It was only here that they could use their voice.

Karnione was voiceless, but it made up for it with its claws. 

The sun hung low on the horizon. The sky was a muted red.

Karon stilled when he heard the rustle of wings. Karam slowly opened his eyes. 

“Well, well, well,” Karam murmured, voice a low rumble in his throat as he followed the faint outline of the Kinnari against the setting sun. 

The naga prince swam to shore, blood red scales glinting beneath the faint light. As he neared dry land, he took on his human form. 

Karon chuckled, leaning back on his elbows, watching the sunlight catch on the Kinnari’s burgundy feathers.

Karam swiped a strand of his hair away from his face, “Looks like the bird managed to get out of his cage,”he said,  turning to face the retreating figure of Kaiten. 

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