Poetry: This is how the world ends (or begins)

First published on PETRIE Inventory (2016).

This is how the world ends (or begins).

Not in shades of grey or black and white

or sudden explosions of blinding light.

It starts with cracked pavements

and blood from trees

(stains tarmac, paints concrete)

and all beneath. Clouds gather white and falls,

flutters down as ash and Dawn paint skies in

angry ambers and in frantic scrawls.

Lightning flash like smoke lines, jagged

destruction crackles muted blue.

And you think it’s snowing

But it’s really clouds a-falling,

swimming in salt and drowning in

sand and fish fly in forests and trees



the sky.

Spheres sink in smoke and fog, faded lights

and murmured smiles. Melted wax trickles down

metal buildings and smoke swirls above,

gathers black and blue on land. Waves of

azure and ivory fizzles against fragile sand.

An explosion of stars and cosmic revolution.

A blank canvas of infinite retribution.

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